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Thomas Lin Yun trajo el Feng Shui a occidente. Creador de la escuela del Bagua con la puerta de entrada y gran maestro quien dejó su cuerpo físico el 11 de agosto del 2010.

*Aqui en la presentación y bendición de la primera edición de mi libro durante la clase "Secretos milenarios". Universidad de Harvard, 2009.

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Tercera Edición 2013

Capítulos nuevos, información complementaria y más imágenes!

" ¿La cama siempre tiene que apuntar al norte? Con preguntas como ésta me dí cuenta que lo que hacía falta para entender esto del Feng Shui era aprender tres cosas básicas: que hay distintas escuelas, que el Feng Shui personal es diferente para todos y que se puede escoger la escuela que mejor se ajuste a su espacio o a sus necesidades".

Iside Sarmiento, Feng Shui, el arte de la buena vida.

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Aromas doTerra


Una gota de menta doTerra equivale a 28 tazas de té de menta, es excelente para despejar la respiración, oxigenar el cerebro y revitalizar.

La Lavanda ayuda a minimizar el stres, ayuda relajarse y a dormir placenteramente. 

El limón ayuda a la limpieza en el oficio doméstico y abrillanta el estado de ánimo. 



Iside y el Buda de Jade.

El Jade es una piedra preciosa de alta vibración que se relaciona a la protección y la riqueza. Al fondo las Peonias, flores de la primavera y del amor. El Buda de la abundancia es gordo y sonriente porque transforma las situaciones. Este Buda de Jade sostiene un RuYi, el cetro de poder y está parado sobre una flor de loto, representación de la iluminación. Elefantes representando la solidez a la entrada de un espacio.

Badaling, Beijing. China. 2010


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Tips on how to Organize a Seminar or an Workshop

Seminars and events have constantly been implemented as a holistic practical experience to participants. Hence, organizing an event requires extensive arranging and preparation with most perform implemented at the least some months ahead of the actual event. Most of the time, seminars appear to run like clockwork with all events flowing smoothly in accordance with schedule. In reality even so, substantially groundwork has been worked on using the goal of establishing the right atmosphere in addition to a helpful knowledge to partipants.

1. Establishing the theme with the occasion

Each occasion follows a theme and purpose which will drive the occasion set-up, the target audiences or the participants, the guests and the marketing and advertising method. Generally, a company event like an international conference for a particular business will appeal to participants conducting companies inside that industry as well as sponsors who acquire mileage out of publicizing their products in the course of the event.

Apart from that, the theme from the seminar may also figure out the type of advertising and marketing channels to be employed to for publicity. This also holds correct for the seminar advertising team who will have to have the event theme to properly determine target participants and providers to sell the occasion to.

2. Picking a venue

Venue choice is hugely dependent on the scale from the occasion. Generally this can be determined by the amount of participants, the presence of any guests of honor (which include royalty or politicians) the activities during the event, or if you will discover further floor space expected for exhibition purposes.

A common seminar of about 100 - 200 is often comfortably implemented within a hotel seminar room, possibly in a theater style setting or classroom setting. On the other hand, larger scale events with participant numbers scaling amongst 500 - 1000 may call for a sizable hall, ballroom, auditorium or maybe a convention center.

The place and quality standard with the venue is also crucial particularly when the event includes the participation of VIPs. With this, a trustworthy place will be imperative, which includes fantastic excellent and wide range of seminar facilities accessible. It is normally sensible to explore the possibility of a handful of venues and examine their place suitability, degree of solutions, ambience, and costs just before coming to a decision.

3. Seminar Advertising and marketing and Publicity

Seminar advertising is by far by far the most vital and usually most difficult job in event organizing, and is generally regarded because the most vital issue of an event's accomplishment. That is for the reason that the amount of participants turning up for a seminar is hugely dependent on the strength of advertising activities and publicity. Irrespective of whether or not the occasion achieves its objective or no matter whether the organizers will walk home having a profit or loss largely is dependent upon the marketability of the event. This signifies that the appropriate marketing strategy and seminar positioning will have to be adopted in order to draw sufficient event sign-ups.

Most from the time, occasion organizers that have huge budgets will turn to above the line advertising and marketing for example newspaper and magazine ads too as radio and television marketing to publicize the occasion. Press releases may also be sent in to big newspapers, in an effort to generate the awareness with the upcoming event. Furthermore, substantial marketing media banners and posters may also be bought to advertise the occasion in high human traffic regions. When applying print advertising, the distinct magazine or newspaper applied should have the target audience of the occasion as their key readership base. Also all print media should be copy written with an enticing method, highlighting the comprehensive advantages of participation.

However, if spending budget is usually a dilemma, then under the line marketing and advertising may also do wonders. If the event is industry particular, mass faxing to organizations belonging for the market could be feasible. Telemarketing is really a quite productive advertising and marketing channel to make awareness within the best participant group. Moreover, dispatching sales personnel to attend towards the requirements of huge participant groups is an excellent and efficient tactic. Mass emailing has develop into certainly one of probably the most cost-efficient techniques to reach out to huge target audiences. This will be definitely beneficial when the occasion organizer already have an current database. Otherwise, a list of names is often rented from database corporations to attain the exact same benefits.

4. Collaboration with sponsors

Getting reputable sponsors to participate in an occasion will assist boost the creditability in the occasion, at the same time as lessen charges. Sponsors may also assist with marketing and advertising, as additionally they help publicize your occasion to their consumers. Aside from that, a number of the sponsors can chip in on venue rental in exchange for exhibition space or publicity for themselves. Some sponsors also require a brief message of their organization to be offered towards the participants during the event. Other folks give away sample solutions or door gifts to participants.

5. Managing People and functioning with speakers

A seminar is not going to be productive without having the people operating it, too because the speakers sharing their information to the participants. Invite speakers that are of caliber and reputation towards the occasion, and who will give the participants with relevant details to their perform, industry or business. Prepare the speakers beforehand and operate with them on their Power point presentations as well as pre-inform them of the logistics processes, timing at the same time because the expected audience size. Verify with them on any unique requests, like the requirement for an overhead projector or added microphones to be used for query and answer sessions.

All events call for a superb group of men and women handling tasks on ushering, registration, customer support as well as handling financials. Familiarize the team with any necessary event protocol to remove the possibility of confusion or error. So that you can make certain smooth implementation, each person need to be familiar with their individual roles. This could be ensured through a preparation of a detailed schedule of events coupled with roles and responsibilities for each person. Ideally, a project manager must handle the entire group and make certain that absolutely everyone is carrying out their duties efficiently. Apart from that, the project manager also has the delegated authority to cope with all parties such as the venue management too as the sponsors and event exhibitors.

6. Actual Day - Preparation, Registration, Ushering, Feedback

All seminar organizing and preparations, constituting 80% of total work involved, cascade for the actual occasion which may well final only to get a few hours or perhaps a couple of days. On the day prior to the occasion, pay a visit to the venue to make sure that all the things is in order according the requirements and specifications. Microphones, projectors, audio and video systems have to be all checked to become in fantastic operating order. Over in the office, possess a packing list ready and get all require items transferred to the actual venue no less than per day prior to the occasion. Event staff really should be dispatched to perform on site preparations, such as setting up booths, decorations and posters, the day just before the occasion.

On the actual day, staff needs to be present in the venue at the very least 1 ½ hours just before commencement. They must report to their duty stations and have to be prepared to receive participants half an hour prior to they're scheduled to file in. Registrations must be produced at the door to ensure authorized access. Name tags, door gifts and occasion schedules or booklets will probably be given out at this point and ushers will show participants to their seats inside the occasion hall.

Staff will also be responsible for giving tips or enable to participants in the course of the event. Ultimately, feedback forms should be distributed and after that collected from participants to identify the satisfaction level on all aspects with the event encounter. This can be in order to acquire pointers, tips and guidance for future improvements.

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