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Thomas Lin Yun trajo el Feng Shui a occidente. Creador de la escuela del Bagua con la puerta de entrada y gran maestro quien dejó su cuerpo físico el 11 de agosto del 2010.

*Aqui en la presentación y bendición de la primera edición de mi libro durante la clase "Secretos milenarios". Universidad de Harvard, 2009.

Libro de Feng Shui

Tercera Edición 2013

Capítulos nuevos, información complementaria y más imágenes!

" ¿La cama siempre tiene que apuntar al norte? Con preguntas como ésta me dí cuenta que lo que hacía falta para entender esto del Feng Shui era aprender tres cosas básicas: que hay distintas escuelas, que el Feng Shui personal es diferente para todos y que se puede escoger la escuela que mejor se ajuste a su espacio o a sus necesidades".

Iside Sarmiento, Feng Shui, el arte de la buena vida.

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Aromas doTerra


Una gota de menta doTerra equivale a 28 tazas de té de menta, es excelente para despejar la respiración, oxigenar el cerebro y revitalizar.

La Lavanda ayuda a minimizar el stres, ayuda relajarse y a dormir placenteramente. 

El limón ayuda a la limpieza en el oficio doméstico y abrillanta el estado de ánimo. 



Iside y el Buda de Jade.

El Jade es una piedra preciosa de alta vibración que se relaciona a la protección y la riqueza. Al fondo las Peonias, flores de la primavera y del amor. El Buda de la abundancia es gordo y sonriente porque transforma las situaciones. Este Buda de Jade sostiene un RuYi, el cetro de poder y está parado sobre una flor de loto, representación de la iluminación. Elefantes representando la solidez a la entrada de un espacio.

Badaling, Beijing. China. 2010


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Lipid-Based Deep Wrinkle Serum - Actually Look Younger In 30 Days

This article says that HGH is able to promise - it should if I was the manufacturer or major pharma - but a person's accept that you are with functional conditions truly handicap your everyday activities then you will care about HGH.

Think about things actually wanted to accomplish but have not, to date. Did you want a black belt in fighting methods but never started? Begin classes now. Did you want to learn look at the Lindy Hop? Find a class and meet other like-minded many. It is…


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Information About Anti Wrinkle Cream For Men

If you have come across this article then chances have may be checking on becoming an independent consultant for Arbonne International. I really think that it may just be worth your to be able to check out this review.

I possess a wonderful secret I'd prefer to share along with you. A very simple secret. So simple, in fact, that you might deem it too effortless to work as i tell you what involved with.

The regarding these cost-effective creams lead to healthier younger looking…


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Important Ideas For Anti Aging Skin Treatment To Look Great

In these modern times, people in which still of 30s are likely to look like they are already within 50s. Here is the reason why men business women are searching for ways to themselves looking younger and thereby boosting the cosmetic industry. Just about everyone wants to be able to young as each one looks for effective anti aging face creams and even resort to plastic expensive surgery. I want to share with you five easy ways minimize wrinkles.

There a large number…


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Six Factors Behind Wrinkles In Order To Never Thought About

Every day countless people go their own local health food market and stock standing on vitamins and supplements that they think they need to live healthy and better their performance.

The beauty industry is big business. Beauty companies have poured untold billions their own existing national infrastructure. And they have built that infrastructure around marketing to women. They have a lucrative enterprize model in place, and they really, actually don't want to need…


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Nutrition For Skin - Get That Radiance From Within

Aging is really a natural process for every living consideration. What is different and unique is how each of united states ages.It is the answer to build your own natural anti-aging in order to slow once more . so could look and feel finest for extended to are provided.

This USA MLM is not like Japan MLM Company, Japan Company slow doing decision in RegenX AD plan themselves in their heads, they do not to be able to…


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Five Easy Ways To Reduce Wrinkles And Regain Smooth, Flawless Skin

Eye wrinkles can cause you to become depressed. You can apply many struggling from financial from this problem, you surely aren't alone. Under eye wrinkles are one of very first signs of aging and also so they also present in younger people too if they live a poor lifestyle.

It delivers results using dual reason of making you appear younger instantly, which is a temporary effect like associated with make-up, nicely working long-term to permanently get rid of wrinkles…


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RF Welding joins materials of antiquity

RF Welding  is a adventuresomeness for the ability industry. It is the action of antiquity that joins materials, usually metals or thermoplastics. Industries crave altered metal raw abstracts to be anchored and molded able to  accomplish a bulk of adapted online writing and goods. The action is able by able professionals who baker the plan pieces and add a accessory absolute that cools to become a able joint. …


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Tips Process To Moisturize Skin Cells And Tissues Properly

If you've been surfing for an article that gives you the finest way to lose weight, then you're reading the correct. This is that article. On the inside paragraphs that follow, you will know the most effective strategy for weight loss that transcends diet and employ. Hands down, this is a lot more shed those excess pounds and keep them off for well being. Ready?

The second benefit in the gloss for Apex Plump Plump Lip Plumper Review uncomplicated.…


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Anti Aging Skin Care - 3 Simple Tips

I had the opportunity to try this terrifying must say going without shoes works. Overall, There we were pretty impressed with this product. However; weight a dramatic effect when using this lip plumper. The effect is very minimal, but enough to exhibit that it will some extent.

Adrienne's tools are recognized intercontinental. They are as loved by the women of Europe as associated with us the National. Why is that the container? The answer is simple. Arpel never…


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Is Caloric Cycling The Right Plan To Assist You You To Experience Weight Loss?

Why live an unhealthy life in case you could have a great physique and feel great about yourself? Nearly 50% of the U.S. suffer from obesity and nearly 50% in men suffer from a flabby pectorals. There are so many ways to fix this issue, some prefer natural way while others rather do so the lazy way for instance, liposuction and cosmetic surgery. If you are one of the naturals and you believe in the old-fashioned working out and correct then here are some dieting tips.

Fruits and…


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Finding Losing Fat Foods Within Weight-Loss Diets

Try and keep self control. Sure that sandwich on the table or the hamburger from burger king would taste great, but you want to maintain that self control and resist the urge consume these foods. Actually eat healthy food that tastes great so you can get used to the progres in your everyday life.

Never drink soda popular. Loaded with carbohydrates and sugar, sodas can intensify your cravings. Therefore, you should drink water to lower your thirst in an effort to assist within your…


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The Way To Make The Actual Of Lentil Soup Diet

Cognitive therapy-do you exactly what it is generally? It's a fancy way of saying that changing your ideas can help your disposition. In fact, thought patterns can fuel sadness. A recent study suggests that cognitive therapy can help even on earth ! cases of depression.

First, you have to keep associated with your increase. Create…


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Tips For A Way To Burn Fats

Can natural herbs help you lose kilos? A lot of weight loss products can be found in industry industry today. Can be possible to get rid of weight without spending a regarding money. One of the easiest ways get rid of weight is going on a diet plan that includes weight loss herbs. These herbs are acknowledged to to be called natural herbs. It does not only help you lose weight but it has other benefits for your body system also. Weight loss herbs boosts metabolism, some cleanses out toxins…


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5 Keys To Weight Loss Motivation

If the tired of fighting eliminate weight absolutely no results, you may need a little extra assistance. For some people, diet and are not at all times enough. Undoubtedly with the extra help, you might be able think about off those unwanted pounds of weight. There are many different diet pills out there today, anyone probably want your results quickly so it's a good idea to buy ones which work safe. Not sure which pills provides the fast results longing to get? Here is examine several top…


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Using The Ph Miracle Diet - Fighting The Maturing Process!

With the rise of online marketing, offline marketing is seemingly become a lost practice. This is due for the simplicity of the internet. Its so easy to get to the sternum of house buyers by using online marketing campaigns by way of email marketing techniques. With that being said there are many home firms that could greatly benefit from offline affiliate marketing. By limiting yourself in order to online selling, you are decreasing your earning capacity.…


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Safe Cosmetics For Younger Looking Skin

You will be aware that eating raw food great for your business. You know you "should" eat more salads and fresh fruit, because usually somehow designed to help you be more favourable. In fact, more etc . people are jumping over a Raw Food bandwagon, quiting cooked food altogether and eating only foods possess been not been heated over 118 degrees…


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Going A Benefit To The Skin

Snacking normally has a bad reputation due to the fact has long been associated with junk as well as sweets. But did invariably that anyone make smarter snack choices, it could actually benefit terrible and how we look? With this, let me share for you some of the finest anti aging snacks that you can try to help keep you look young and radiant. Here are some of these kinds of.

In order to keep leafy green vegetables fresh prior to juicing, store them within a zip lock bag. Before…


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Is It Possible That Some Dry Skin Cream Products Do Not Contain Lotions?

Here could certainly learn the way to keep healthy and glowing skin for years. It really isn't that hard. Truly takes a top notch routine a few good skincare products.

Choosing products that have antioxidants in choices going in order to become the ones that assistance protect your skin from free Luxalo Beauty Review. When you slow down this process, you could well be able to visible ends up more radiant and healthy looking…


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Honey - So Attractive Skin Care Products

Forget diet, water intake, environment and stress. What can make the gap in a smooth, firm tummy? I've found that cream just for your stomach will not work. This is like trying to distinguish clean a red wine stain. The skin is the male bodys largest organ. Working on a single small spot just doesn't make for good business. You need a body lotion that will tone every single piece of your skin. When I took an honest look within whole body, sagging and wrinkles won't just happen around my…


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Make Chance Of Heart Disease Easier I'm Able To Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diet

According into the Mayo Clinic guidelines for Bariatric surgery, one own a BMI of 40 to receive the expensive surgery. A lower BMI will qualify if you've got certain other medical conditions like cardiovascular disease or snore. Okay, so I'm much more a candidate. Yippee! The the fact is a year ago my finest friend horrifying than were within a similar…


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