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Thomas Lin Yun trajo el Feng Shui a occidente. Creador de la escuela del Bagua con la puerta de entrada y gran maestro quien dejó su cuerpo físico el 11 de agosto del 2010.

*Aqui en la presentación y bendición de la primera edición de mi libro durante la clase "Secretos milenarios". Universidad de Harvard, 2009.

Libro de Feng Shui

Tercera Edición 2013

Capítulos nuevos, información complementaria y más imágenes!

" ¿La cama siempre tiene que apuntar al norte? Con preguntas como ésta me dí cuenta que lo que hacía falta para entender esto del Feng Shui era aprender tres cosas básicas: que hay distintas escuelas, que el Feng Shui personal es diferente para todos y que se puede escoger la escuela que mejor se ajuste a su espacio o a sus necesidades".

Iside Sarmiento, Feng Shui, el arte de la buena vida.

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Aromas doTerra


Una gota de menta doTerra equivale a 28 tazas de té de menta, es excelente para despejar la respiración, oxigenar el cerebro y revitalizar.

La Lavanda ayuda a minimizar el stres, ayuda relajarse y a dormir placenteramente. 

El limón ayuda a la limpieza en el oficio doméstico y abrillanta el estado de ánimo. 



Iside y el Buda de Jade.

El Jade es una piedra preciosa de alta vibración que se relaciona a la protección y la riqueza. Al fondo las Peonias, flores de la primavera y del amor. El Buda de la abundancia es gordo y sonriente porque transforma las situaciones. Este Buda de Jade sostiene un RuYi, el cetro de poder y está parado sobre una flor de loto, representación de la iluminación. Elefantes representando la solidez a la entrada de un espacio.

Badaling, Beijing. China. 2010


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Grip considered that the technique would execute for other styles, not only achievements scary. He said the "lure of [including] battle is so strong" because "it's so complex to…


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ust you know and knowing stuff like that so simply the way it is yes yet in the event that you ponder now and again…


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Dancing Fight multi-player technique

While you may think that Gamescom is all about PC technique titles in which gamers micromanage the financial systems of ancient fishing towns, you'd be wrong.

Yes, that's a big part of the show, but don't forget: Western countries also likes dance. So it's no surprise, then, to see that Harmonix is here showing off the latest addendums to Dancing Main 2 for the System console 360 system console xbox 360 system kinect. Let's talk about some of those new functions on show here in…


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Much on you can really of the produc

Much on you can really of the product through with a brush this size I'm this one is actually a sonic Asher pressure love her brush I can't help it I think I'm all member she's there either Real Techniques on your cash ok or Mac and those are probably my top three favorite brands when it comes aimee eye lift serum to pressures how did the cat K Kenny how ok wanted to show you guys think me way the cat that we kidding home this is…


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Replica Liverpool jersey will back rival candidate Prince Ali bin Al Hussein. The Fren

FIFA has been enveloped by controversy after nine of its officials were among 14 individuals to have been indicted by the United States Department of Justice regarding allegations of racketeering, conspiracy and corruption, with seven of those charged arrested in Zurich on Wednesday.

Despite the furore, president Platini confirmed that UEFA is not planning to snub Friday's presidential elections - in which Blatter is seeking a fifth term in office - and he stated that the majority of…


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Magista Obra Black cast a long shadow over football and over this week's congress," the president said.

The FIFA Elastico Pro III president – who is looking to win a fifth term in office on Friday – spoke on Thursday after nine officials were among 14 individuals indicted on charges of racketeering, conspiracy and corruption 24 hours earlier.

Blatter labelled the corruption saga as "unprecedented" and "difficult" for FIFA, but remains adamant he is the right candidate to lead a clean-up of…


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Mercurial CR7 Black team and I am all about playing as many games as I can in a season.”

The 22 year-old Socceroo, who was named player of the tournament in Australia’s AFC Asian Cup success earlier this year, has a three-year deal with the London side, which was relegated from English football’s top-flight this month, in a joint deal with fellow Robins midfielder Ben Gladwin believed to be in the region of $8 million.He again links up again with head coach Chris Ramsey, who worked with Luongo at the Tottenham academy before he was sold to League One side Swindon Town in…


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Mercurial Superfly Black left fuming over the club's activities, with striker Jamie Maclaren issuin

Just four months ago, Jamieson signed a two-year contract extension, with an Mercurial Superfly Red option of a third, but the 26-year-old secured a release from that deal on Thursday to end his three-year stint at the club.

Glory was stripped of its spot in this season's finals and fined $269,000 after being found guilty of systemically rorting the salary cap…


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Mercurial Vapor X AG recently re-signed Elastico Superfly Laser Orange Faty and in the knowledge

Despite missing seven weeks of the season after knee surgery and then a debilitating infection which saw him hospitalised, the 25-year-old stopper emerged as a powerhouse for the Sky Blues in tandem with Senegalese international Jacques Faty.

Coach Graham Arnold is eager to reward him with a new contract, having Mercurial Vapor X AG recently re-signed…


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Should be an simple conversion

 Finally, is there anything else you'd like to add about flashpoints, or the experience in general? You'd think Zip Interactive would be able to breathe a sigh of relief Buy Archeage Gold with SOCOM 4. Last season the Sony-owned studio room launched MAG, an substantially committed first-person shooting that somehow handled to pull off online multiplayer suits with as many as 256 players at once. One season later, it's a slightly different tale with…


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PES as the well-known product

Again, we've got a precedent. If you keep in ideas, FIFA and Pro Enhancement Soccer used to be, as lately as three or four years ago, head-to-head in a lot of markets, with PES as the well-known product. We spent substantially in both the great company's experience, the marketing, a real focus on getting the experience right, and being there for gamers and creating a team around it. It's no different than what we strategy to do in the catching classification.

GS: Is the part of EA…


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New Heights will be in Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward Expansion

It’s been a little beneath two years aback the bootless MMO Final Fantasy XIV was bankrupt down afore getting relaunched as A Realm Reborn, and what a two years they’ve been. Beneath the alert eye of administrator Naoki Yoshida, Final Fantasy XIV has gone from getting an cruddy birthmark on the books of Square Enix to one of the a lot of assisting locations of its portfolio, currently bringing in over 4 actor paying subscribers and set to imminently accept its aboriginal expansion. From what…


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Knowing about the Birkenstock Leather sandals

Human beings happen to be wearing leather Birkenstock sandals for a lot of thousands of years. We know ancient men and women had been creating these shoes from the time they learned to strip hides from animals. Leather protected the feet and was easy to get and has been applied ever considering the fact that.

You can find thousands of different Birkenstock sandals accessible which might be made of distinctive materials such as imitation leather or rubber. Practically any material may…


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We are trying more than what we've done

SY: We are trying more than what we've done with the RS3 Gold.

GS: If that's the situation, can we anticipate a nearer positioning in film assistance to what the PS3 can do?

SY: Well, you know, that's everybody's wish because the NGP has such a large, wonderful show. It's a perfect system to carry with you. We'd like to make it a very easy, sleek procedure that you can have on the PS3 or network solutions that you can…


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For further information on the week's actions

For further information on the week's actions, check out GameSpot's New Releases web page. The finish history of down-loadable actions on the PlayStation Store, Console Stay Industry, and Wii Store Channel will Buy Archeage Gold be exposed later this A week. Release schedules are based on retailer listings and are topic to modify. Telara is a globe locked in turmoil. Six essential realms threaten this globe, and Telara's salvation depends on two…


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